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Innovated by Mr. Abdul Razzak from Madurai. He is a 43 year ld electrician from the slums of Madurai with a passion for making life convenient and love for experiment. He has come up with about 34 innovations till date for the household sector. Nazariya is particularly working with one of his innovations, namely, Varna.

Varna is one of its kind innovation in India. It is an ideal keep for someone whose moving into a new city.
1. It is scientifically proved to cook HEALTHIER rice, than a traditional or a pressure cooker
2. The key here is SAFETY. Varna ensures that you don’t burn your hands while cooking rice, by ensuring proper drainage of water.
3. Not just that, did you know that water drained out from rice is useful in many ways, for all of us, such as skin brightening, acne healing, healthy and shiny hair and many more. . Varna lets you drain rice water or “Kaanji” in an EASY and CONVENIENT way.
4. TIME is precious to you and me, hence put the rice to boil and utilize your time for something more valuable.
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