Tradtional Indian Game- Solah Seedi



Also known as: Vettai, Athara Seiya, Goti ka Khel, Bagh Chal

Solah Seedi is a battle field game for two, where each player has 16 equally matched game pieces. The aim is to occupy enemy territory through strategic moves and planned efforts, thus defeating the opponent. An exciting game, popular across India. Look out for inscriptions of these boards in old temples and monuments – proof that it has been played for years.


  • Canvas Size – 28*28 cm
  • Carton Size – 17.5*10.2*5 cm
  • Game Weight – 0.180 kg
  • Coins – 18 each, black and white

Additional information

Weight 0.180 g
Dimensions 17.5 x 10.2 x 5 cm


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