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Peacock is India’s national Bird. We all learnt that in school. But did you know its actually called Indian Peafowl. The icon of beauty, love & romance. The peacock is a prominent motif both in Rajasthani & Mughal schools of paintings. The lovelorn, pining Nayikas in Rajasthani miniatures have the peacock as a companion. The Jataka tales Mahamayur Jataka describes the earlier birth of Bhagavan Buddha as a golden peacock. Peafowl play a pivotal role in Hindu mythology and Indian folklore. The bird is the vehicle for god Kartikeya a.k.a. Skanda the 6-armed, 6-headed god of war who is a son of Lord Shiva, thus it is believed to be sacred. Images of the peacock can always be found associated with Lord Krishna. And the feather of a peacock can be found in Lord Krishna’s crown. The feathers are considered auspicious and protective. In the north, followers burn the feathers to ward of disease also believing it can cure snakebites. Lakshmi, wife of the Hindu god, Vishnu, sometimes is depicted with armbands in the form of peacocks. The birds are sacred to her since their cries are associated with the rainy season and hence, fertility. The peacock’s beautiful and distinctive coloring is said to be a gift from the god, Indra. One day the King of Gods was doing battle with Ravana, the Demon King. The peacock, which in those days resembled his plain brown hen, took pity on Indra and raised its tail to form a blind or screen behind which Indra could hide himself. As a reward for this act of compassion, the bird was honored with the jewel-like blue-green plumage that it bears to this day. source: –


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