Pattachitra Bookmarks



A range of beautiful bookmarks from the East part of our country, Bengal.

Pattachitra; The Art of Storytelling and Communication

‘Patta means cloth and ‘chitra’ means picture. This 5th century old artform is popular for its rich use of color to narrate pure,  simple themes. Inspired from mythological tales and figures, “Chitrakars” paint on cloth canvas and narrate the stories through songs. These paintings have a geometric appearance with precise repetition of certain motifs. The ornaments and body decorations are coloured first in this painting. The processing of consists of tedious processes like ‘NiryasKalpa’ and the canvas preparation can literally take upto 5 days! The Patua community has practiced this ancient art since the 13th century.

Mamoni Chitrakar, the artisan behind these creations is the daughter to the renowned Pata artist, Swarna Chitrakar. Mamouni Chitrakar learnt the unique techniques of Pattachitra at the age of 7 years. Apart from being an accomplished painter, she is also a traditional storyteller who narrates the lost oral traditions of West Bengal, especially the ones relating to Manasha Mangal and Chandi Mangal. Her work has been exhibited in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata as well as in Italy, France, Bahrain and the U.S.A.

My mother has been my biggest inspiration throughout and I feel blessed to have come this far in reviving our forgotten heritage.




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