Paper Mache Mask- Female



Cheriyal, a place situated in Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh. It is a modernized and stylized version of Nakashi art. A rich scheme of colours is used to depict the scrolls of narrative format from mythology and folklore.These canvas scrolls, made from khadi, are hand-painted in a beautiful style used for storytelling. As the traditional Cheriyal painting lasts more than hundred years, painters prepared smaller scrolls and most importantly

Cheriyal Painted Masks were made which represented the characters from traditional scrolls such as tiger, cow and few neutral characters. These masks were prepared to entertain children and also to decorate homes. The same colors are used for painting the mask as those which are used in painting a scroll or Cheriyal painting.


Artisan Name:N. Ganesh

Age: 38, Male

Location: Cheriyal, Telangana

Awards: Best Artisans by Govt of Andhra Pradesh. But no National Award yet.


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