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Janpath Market is not founded in the recent years but it is one of the historical markets which are coming from a long time. Prior to this, its name was Queen’s way. This name was given to it in the early 90’s. Janpath is a road which mainly connects the Cannought Place to the Lodhi Road. This whole road is known as the Janpath Market and large numbers of markets are available over here which are selling different kinds of stuffs. This market is very popular for the people who love to shop within their budget. This place is also popular for the Delhi residents as they come to this place whenever they are having time. There are lots of things sold off which are trendy in nature and are also available as per the market fashion. However, these products do not have any kind of guarantee.

One may not be able to describe much about Janpath Market more than just a market. This is the main market of Delhi and it attracts to large numbers of tourists who are coming to visit our country from outside India.  This is the reason that a person may observe large numbers of foreign tourists rather than Indian Tourists. Shopping in this market is just like a fun and that is the reason that during holidays large numbers of people come to this market for purchasing products. The alternative name of the Janpath Market is People’s Path. This street is having hundreds of shops which are selling products of different quality.  The products like garments, jewellery, gift items, carpets and much more are also available in this market. the one thing that the customer must remember while shopping in this market that whatever rate the shopkeeper is demanding, he must offer fewer than that rate. He must know how to bargain on which product.

1. Ethnic dresses
2. Daily-wear Clothing (right from skirts to jeans to t-shirts and so on)
3. Junk Jewelry
4. Silver Jewelry
5. Leather Footwear (Jutis, Mojris, Kohlapuris, etc)
6. Embellished Linen
7. Cotton Garments
8. Rajasthan vegetable color paintings
9. Imitation Jewelry
10. Indian artifacts and Carpets
11. CDs and DVDs
13. Furniture
14. Decorative Items

Content Source: http://www.janpathmarket.in/

2 designs of Bookmarks representing Janpath. Please mention in the comments which one would you like to purchase.


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