Folk Art with Real Artists



This book is a fun way to introduce children to Rajasthani Phad Art. The drawings are by real Phad Artist, 48 year old Shankar Lal Bhopa. We have also used details from his original Phad works for the stickers included in the book.

Phad is one of India’s celebrated traditional arts forms. It is used to depict stories. most famously of the reversed Rajasthani chieftain, Paboji Rathore, of hundreds of years past. Bhopas, the community from which Shankar Lal ji hails, would tell the stories through songs, accompanied by Phad paintings. Shankar Lal Bhopa’s grandfather undertook to learn Phad painting and this has now become a family tradition. Do encourage your children to find out more about Phad!

Age: For 7 and above


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