Enjoy the music before the song is over



This book is an extention of thought propounded as Positive Mantra by the author. Life is not so simple. We mostly live in either yesterday or think about tomorrow. But in this process we forget to live in the NOW or today. Living life is facing challenges of various kinds. The book is all about uncoiling our mind and handling the day. Our attitude, our approach do matter hugely. The Book opens the vistas of realizing the self as THINKER. It talks about our process of thinking, our patience and how to be different in out thought process and approach. The book scripts life and thought of life anew by sharing wisdom of many. The vision of out of box thinking to rediscovery of self is talked about.

In short, one is telling to the self “listen to the music before the song is over”. Let we all realize the importance of today through unlearning from the past and learning from today or our future fruitful journey. Life must be lived creatively and the book declares that you all are creative thinkers, so make your life bit meaningful and purposeful with a dash of smile and fulfilment.



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