Coir Toy- Tree



The craft of coconut fibre

Coir Toys from Orissa

Artisan: Harekrishna Parida

Coir which is also known as ‘Golden fiber’ comes from a Coconut tree. The coconut palm has been eulogized as “Kalpavrikshas” wish-granting trees which fulfill the desires of people in initial stages of the worldly cycle as per Jain Cosmology. It is also known as Kalpavriksha as every part of it is useful. The coconut water inside the nut is a delicious drink. In dried form, it is called Copra and is used to manufacture oil. The coconut husk is called Coir, which is used to make rope. Coir craft of Orissa is mainly practised at Sakhigopal, Puri, Pipli, Bhubaneswar Batamangala and Kendrapara. The local artists collect the fine and the rough coir from the local coastal areas for the craft. Sometimes the coir are coloured to create attractive craft. Designing is all the imagination of the artists and the skill of his magical fingers appears by pilling the coir and knotting it with a sturdy thread.

50% of this sale will go to the artisan directly, to support their economic development. Thank You for supporting in the revival of this artform.

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Dimensions 10 x 14 x 30 cm


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