Harekrishna Parida

Coir Toy Making

Harekrishna Parida
52 Yrs; 25 years experience; Chandpur, Orissa

About Coir Toy Making:

Women Empowered Initiative started by Parida Family, about 50 years ago. Currently they employ about 50 girls and women from their village and nearby villages, with the help of District Industry Centre and they run a skill development centre for making coir toys in Chandpur Village, District Jalakadar, Orissa.

About the Artform

Coir is traditionally processed from coconut husks cured in saline or freshwater for eight to ten months by process called “Retting” for increasing the flexibility, strength and durability of fiber. The coconut palm has been eulogized as ‘Kalpvriksha’ the all giving tree in the classics of India. The use of coconut through out India makes it a symbol of national unity. Woven magnificence is what you see in a coir product. Coir or coconut fibre is used very artistically to make a wide range of eco-friendly toys, wall hangings, key rings, Christmas hangings, pen stands and other home decoratives. Coir products are 100% natural. This craft is unique as it is produced only in Orissa and not in any other coconut rich states of India.