Shankar Lal Bhopa

53 Yrs; 30 years experience; Amer, Rajasthan

A talented Miniature and Phad artist from Amer, Rajasthan. Shankar Lal Ji has worked extensively on mythological subjects for the past 30 years, illustrating the Ramayana and the story of Dev Narayan. His work has been exhibited as the Global Arts Village in Dubai and the Annual Crafts Fair at Dilli Haat.

About Phad Painting

Phad painting or Phad is a style religious scroll painting and folk painting practiced in Rajasthan, state of India. The phad painting process is traditionally done on a large piece of cloth or Canvas known as Phad. The theme of the the phad painting images are the life of two legendary Rajasthani heroes-Pabuji & Devnarayan ji- who are worshipped as the incarnation of lord Vishnu & Laxman. While the story is narrated using songs and dance, the visual impact provided by the phad. Traditionally the phad images are painted with vegetable colors.

Miniature paintings are beautiful handmade paintings which are often vibrantly colored, but as the name suggests, very small in size. Very intricate and detailed work goes into making them, which gives them a unique identity. The Art of Miniature painting was introduced in India by the Mughals, who brought this art form from Persia. The themes mainly depicted are- court scenes, gardens, forests, palaces, stories of Lord Krishna, love scenes, and battles.
Phad painting tutorial are available and cultural weekend workshops are available to learn this art form. Phad paintings are available for sale too in stores online and offline that promote these artforms.

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